Seminar – How to invest and set up business in Russia

On 16th of June 2015 (5-7pm) an in-house seminar “How to invest and set up business in Russia” took place at RUFIL CONSULTING (Ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka 23, Moscow). The participants got an introduction about the current business and investment climate in Russia by Alexandra Kostina, Marketing Manager at RUFIL CONSULTING.

Sergey Kerosinskiy (Associate Partner at Muenchen Legal) explained the legal aspects while setting up and developing a company in Russia. He explained which legal forms exist and which legal form is the best to enter the market. Also key points of his presentation were the forms of management and the process of purchase of participatory shares. At the end of his presentation he discussed the fiscal problems when forming a company in Russia.

The theme of the seminar was devoted to the fact that some investors and entrepreneurs are acting counter-cyclically in terms of crisis. Many people are striving to use the crisis period to set-up and buy companies in Russia.

Participants of the seminar were representatives of the German, English and Indian companies from different industries. Apart from the participants on site also we had some via video-conference.

After the seminar guests were enjoying interesting conversations in a relaxed atmosphere, finding new contacts, sharing their ideas.

The feedback on the event was positive: all questions were well answered; the guests highlighted the overall quality of the presentations and the expertise of the speakers.

Here you can find the links to the presentation of the speakers and the company brochures of RUFIL CONSULTING and Muenchen Legal.


RUFIL CONSULTING – Presentation: “Current business and investment climate in Russia”

Muenchen Legal – Presentation: “How to invest and set up business in Russia”

Company Brochures:

RUFIL CONSULTING – Company Brochure

Muenchen Legal – Company Brochure

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