Russische Zentralbank senkt Leitzins auf 7,25 Prozent

Russlands Zentralbank senkt Leitzins auf 7,25 Prozent

Die russische Zentralbank hat am Freitag, den 23. März 2018, eine Leitzinssenkung um 0,25 Prozentpunkte beschlossen. Diese Entscheidung deckt sich mit Prognosen von Experten. 

Die Zentralbank hat abermals eine Senkung des Leitzinses beschlossen. In einer Pressemitteilung erklärt Russlands Währungshüterin die Gründe für ihre Maßnahme:

“On 23 March 2018, the Bank of Russia Board of Directors decided to cut the key rate by 25 bp to 7.25% per annum. Annual inflation remains sustainably low. Inflation expectations are diminishing progressively. The Bank of Russia forecasts annual inflation to be 3-4% in late 2018 and remain close to 4% in 2019. In this environment the Bank of Russia will continue to reduce the key rate and will complete the transition to neutral monetary policy in 2018.

In making its key rate decision, the Bank of Russia recognised the following factors.

Inflation dynamics. Annual inflation remains sustainably low. In February 2018 it stood at 2.2%. Inflation remains below 4% longer than expected, allowing for a quicker transition to neutral monetary policy this year. (…)

Monetary conditions. Monetary conditions continue to ease. Their disinflationary effect is gradually declining. (…)

Economic activity. Economic growth resumed in early 2018, following the decline due to temporary headwinds in late 2017. (…)

The Bank of Russia’s general perceptions of the Russian economy’s growth have remained unchanged. The Bank of Russia has slightly raised the oil price in its baseline scenario. However, it has not entailed any significant review of the Russian economy’s growth rate in the medium term due to its decreased sensitivity to oil price changes and remaining structural constraints. In 2018-2020, GDP will grow by 1.5-2%, which corresponds to the potential growth rate of the economy.

Die nächste Sitzung der russischen Zentralbank findet am 27. April 2018 statt. An diesem Zeitpunkt könnte eine mögliche weitere Senkung des Leitzinses beschlossen werden.

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